Friday, November 14, 2008



It was a beautiful fall
when different colours of the leaves
found the tiny spots of my heart
when you came into my life
you found the moon of my heart

but it is winter now
when snows found its way onto the street
when coldness found its way into my heart
for you that are not here with me
for you that have not talk to me
for you that have not share with me
for you that i miss so dearly
the winter is just so much colder to me

i do not know what time of the year is it now
for i have lost
my sense of time
my sense of heart
my sense of life
for i have lost you

i miss you

(Thanks to Seng Chee for helping me with the poem)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

one liners....

I was the best man at the wedding. If I’m the best man, why is she marrying him?

Monday, November 10, 2008


i did not expect the week to be this hard. Last one week, i have been too busy to update my blog. Sorry for that guys

I was away at Kelantan, attending the BTN (biro tatanegara, Under Prime minister's department). Just got back after spending 5 days close with the nature.

The best part was my ride back from Kelantan. The journey was suppose to take 8 hours. However the driver took less than 7 hours to reach KL. It was like having Lewis Hamilton driving the bus swerving in and out of traffic with high speed. A poor old lady almost fell from her bike thanks to our fast and furious driver. The uncle seems like an experienced driver but i was holding on to my seat (literally) throughout the journey. It was a relief to be back in one piece. Before I left the bus, i thanked the driver for bringing us back safely but did make it a point to tell him bout the speeding. 100KM/H in a 60 KM/H.....Now i know why people prefer to fly nowadays.

Anyway will write bout the BTN camp in detail in the next post....I am just too tired to write bout it now.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


...I did something really spontaneous today..
I drove out of IPBA and went straight to Cyberjaya. Asked my friend out to date.
I enjoyed talking to was a meeting considering that's our first real meeting.

She was funny and i enjoyed talking to her. I did tease her about her age but i regret it now.
Hahaa...interesting person. She really scored it when she said that she enjoyed talking to my friend :( WHAT DA HACK....

Bt the worst thing was i was caught red handed slipping inside the hostel way past the curfew time.
The usual fierce looking pak guard was awake... Just my luck. Will see what will happen next k.
But looking forward for more meetings with this interesting person and more brushes with the Pak guard. Wish me luck guys... :)

it was deepavali...

This year's deepavali was great. It had almost everything; fun and thrill.

It was as usual in the morning. I had my traditional “oil bath” and prayed to have blessings from god. Then I was helping my mom to prepare the dishes for the guests later. I was more of a nuisance than help for my mom. I got to admit that. In the end I was given the task to stir curry and away from the rest of the works. Plus making thosei was not as easy as I thought. Making a square shaped thosei was the best I can come up with. haha

Around 11am, my friends and housemates from IPBA paid me a visit for deepavali. I spend 3 hours entertaining them and talking to them. Then we crashed vilo’s home. She must have been surprised to have us there with little notice in advance. Sorry bout that Vilo.

At night, my family went to kajang to visit my uncle. I had a surprise call from Darshini during the journey. I don’t receive calls that often from her. The line was pretty bad and I was just replying “ok’ and stuff because I didn’t listen to her. Obviously she was angry and she said bye after 5 minutes. That’s when a car crashed at the rear side of our Proton Wira. Bang.....I was shocked but thank god nobody was hurt. Not the normal quiet deepavali I had hoped for. But hey it was a different one though. Hahaa…this deepavali had everything.

Anyway Happy Deepavali to all Malaysians k.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I received the following text from X. Guess what? it turned out to be a big mistake for me.

X: Come to Sentral. I am bored :)

Guna: I wont. I cant be there just because you are bored.

and everything after that was history. I was accused of misunderstanding my friend. X said that i am being a typical guy and trying to you know what.

Guess it was a big mistake... i am gonna stop doing this man. Why cant guys and girls just be normal friends. Does everything has to end up in a complicated manner?? As for me, apparently i am at the wrong end. There goes a good friendship.....

Monday, October 20, 2008

Love at first sight

One of the girls, S, asked me if I believe in love at first t sight…

Love at first sight, I was impressed by it when I was in high school. I mean the Tamil movies I saw, showed that love happens at first sight. The guy (hero) will see the girl (some voluptuous looking actress) for the first time. Out of no where love will blossom and you know the rest of the story. For your information, the usual dance around the trees will be after this actually. I used to dream bout it; I mean being a hero and waiting for that one moment to actually happen. Nowadays I just laugh about it. I got to say that I have been too naive in the past.

As for now, I think love at first sight would be great in an ideal world. But this is not an ideal world. What do you girls have to say bout this?? I am sure Sri Amanians will have lot to say about this. I am interested to know your opinions. I asked older women (unmarried women ageing from 24 -26) and surprised to find that they don’t believe in love at first sight. What bout others? Have anything to say?

Monday Myday

Today has been such a blast. First we wasted one hour listening to the GERKO head mumbling about irrelevant things at the gym. I mean he was asking us about formats of competitions and some sports related things for the whole one hour. It was really boring to the extent some of the guys dozed off or pretend to be dozed off. Later things got slightly out of hands when the guys threw American football and it hit one of the girls. I had to go and get the ball because it was mine. I was impressed to see such “responsible behaviour” from my friends. Sigh things got worse when one of the girls refused to return the ball and demands an apology from me. I didn’t have any problem with that and apologized but she was holding on the ball. I got tired of waiting and just got took the ball from her. It was kind of rude of me to do that considering it was a girl. Sigh….got to improve on my behaviour there.

Anyway for the rest of the day, we were out there playing flag football. It was fun to play something new once in a while. Of course we were supposed to be doing something else. But who cares bout it….By 11 something we had to stop the game because too many guys were injured. Jarod had a bruise on his head; Wan was bleeding in his mouth and Najib was limping at the end of game.

But not all ends with a bad note k. We had a nice play too worked out by Star and me. We scored a touch down….Looking forward for tomorrow for more sports.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


This was a reenactment of something that happened long-long time ago.

We were discussing about pornography (with the lecturer) and people were voicing bout their opinion out.

One person talks really strongly against porn. I was just observing the arguments. The following conversation made me interested.

A: I think pornography is bad.
B: Come on, it is not that bad. It helps with sex education.
(me, chuckling to myself and observing the arguments)

B: A, do not tell me you have never watched porn before??
A: No. I have never watched porn in my entire life. I will curse my self to death if i ever watch porn.

This was what i over heard a few days ago....

A: Hey wanna check out my collection of 50 gigs porn...?

Well, i am not sure if that person actually has the collection he boasted about. But for some one who came with the strong statement previously, do you think it is a smart thing to say??
I dunno man. It is your life and You get to do what ever You want with it. But please do grow up.

Doing nothing

You know what is the hardest thing to do in the world???
I am sure my students screaming, saying exams, homework, housework and so on...

You wanna know my answer??
I think not doing anything is the hardest thing that can ever happen to you. If you do not believe me, you can try it by yourself. That is what i been doing after practicum. We have some funny courses and i have been doing nothing. I mean NOTHING productive.

.....SERIOUSLY.....I need a break from this....

My task for now is make a list of things that i have not done/tried and fulfill them. Wish me all the best with them.

PS. SA students enjoy your exams and do them well:P

I just thought bout it.....

This word is definitely one of the most hated words by the students. However, exams are important part of students’ life at school. We have always heard from our parents that exams decide our future so much that we have started to believe it. My whole life I have been led to believe that exams matters the most. So exams have become a source of motivation for me to keep interested in learning.
I have my concerns regarding examinations. I am sure that the exams are made to suit the average population in the society. Plus every one is made to do the same exam so that we can compare people regarding certain parts of knowledge. Reading bout Gardner and his multiple intelligence theory, I can’t help to question the reliability of standard exams. Gardner says that each individual is different and they experience things differently. He talks bout 7 intelligences that we tend to ignore in the current education system. However, our exams (local exams) test chiefly on linguistics and mathematical intelligence. But not all of us are gifted with this ability on intelligence. But we need a standard exam so that we evaluate people on a same platform.
My lecturers have a different point of view. YOU NEED EXAMS. That’s what they told me. As for me, I am still wondering why we need them. Guess I still got some way to go before finding the answers to my questions.

Are exams fair for everyone? I let you people decide

Friday, October 10, 2008

Last day

nice pic....except for the SHOES....hahaha

Nice joke

I received the following link....and i figured that i can share this with others.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I lied

Today, I lied to one person for no reason. I really felt bad about it. We were talking bout relationship and I lied to that person regarding something. I was secretly hoping that the person can see through the lie but I don’t think that person did that. Sigh…..

I know lying is wrong and yet I did that. I wonder why I did that. I was left feeling really guilty about it. Perhaps I should meet the person again and explain things and hopefully she forgives me. I am SORRY.

Monday, October 6, 2008


I am shocked……surprised and stunned. Definitely didn’t see that coming.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


I saw an accident today...

A car was crushed and a body was covered up with papers right next to it....and people were just looking on...
sigh...better be late than never right...hope that people wont be rash to rush back home after the holidays.

MU WON.....

MU won AGAIN....
superb play by rooney.... got to improve man... are turning into a good player
Fletcher...decent show
it was a good performance by the team...slick passing and good control of the ball. A few scary moments but that's it. Keep up the good work

Secret past...haha

I found out my father’s secret by accident today. I was cleaning up his documents today and found and old letter. It belongs to my dad and it was from Japan. It was dated long before I was born and from the cover I was sure the letter was from a lady.
So curiosity got better of me and I read the letter. Of course without getting my father’s permission. Sigh…I am becoming busy body lately….I wonder if it’s the influence of blogging.
Back to the letter, it was from a women from Japan. It was a love letter and I wont reveal the content because it was personal and kind of romantic. It got to do with summer, hand made sweater and flowers. And my father caught me reading the letter………

I apologized immediately to him and he just laughed. Anyway I asked my dad about the lady in the letter during dinner. He hesitated but my mom revealed the real story. Apparently my father was really active with youth clubs when he was young. So he was sent to Japan on one of the occasion. So father took a cruise from Penang to Japan. It was 2 -3 months long journey. He was introduced to this pleasant Japanese lady during the cruise and bla…bla bla. You know the rest of the story (imagine titanic movie). I was surprised to know that my dad had a romantic love story behind him. You are so cool dad. Anyway the relationship was not approved by his family. And the rest are history.

Anyway he treasured the letter so far but I am not sure what he is going to do with it after this. Perhaps I should contact the lady?? I mean introduce my self as his son to the lady? Or just let the past be history?? Confused as usual again

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

High school crush...

I always go out to play football with my high school mates. So happened that, one of my friend asked me to join him for a game against his other friends. He also promised to bring some girls to cheer for us.So, I did not think much and agreed to it.

When I arrived at the court, the first person I met was my high school crush; the one and only crush. And the timing was so perfect that david archuleta’s crush played in the background. Oh man, great…I blushed without realizing it. Well there it goes. I sat down and chatted with her, talking and joking bout us. I mean our school life k. And yeah we did talk bout my past feelings towards her.

Well when we were in higher form, we were in the same class. Me and the girl, V. The whole class (the guys lah) knew bout my crush on her. So yeah valentine day came. SO one of the guys suggested to me to let her know how I felt. So I decided to send her a card thinking that I could not do much damage. I got myself a decent looking card and thought of possible, good lines for it. One of my friends, wrote a poem on my behalf while another guy took the responsibility to write in down in the card (sigh....i was still young k) . Then in the end I was left to sign the card. Then, my good friend offered to pass the card to this V.

Unfortunately; he put the card in the wrong bag. And different girl got the wrong message from me. Things were going pretty messy and funny at the same time. So I decided to take things into my own hand.

In the end, I was able to pass the card to the girl. V was surprised and was taken aback. OMG... that was the first line from her. I did not expect that for sure. And she stopped talking to me. I certainly didnt expect that.

So this was the first time we, V and me, had the chance to talk leisurely. Glad I could talk to her freely. And yeah I am not confused k.

camp at PeeDee

I just took part in camp that was held at SMK Tanah Merah Site C. Majority of the students are Indians and Chinese. So the counseling club in the school planned a religious camp for the Indian students to help them learn bout the Hindu culture.
I was asked by my friend to help with the camp. There were 70 students from form 1 till form 4 were participating in the camp.
I was given the task of handling traditional game for the students. It was strange for me as I had to do some research and studies about the Indian traditional games. It took me some time to finalise the games. I arranged around 8 stations with different games for the students. Following are some of the games; sorry the names are in Tamil. I tried to translate them to Malay.

Kilippari (galah panjang)
Pallangguli (congkak)
Aithanggal (batu seremban)
Cricket (its not an Indian game but included it just for the fun of it + I LIKE IT)
Kabadi (the guys were having fun with it)
Satti udaithal (the students will be blindfolded and will have to break the pots containing water)

I used to play some of the games when I was in primary school. I also picked up cricket when i was in NZ/ However, youngsters nowadays are forgetting about these cultural games. I wonder why is that? I also invited other students to take part in the games. It was a fun way to learn about Indian culture.

I also was put in charge of treasure hunt activity. I was having great time planning the activities for the students that require them to sing, to climb goal posts and some other activities. In the end, the students were feeling happy and excited because it’s not something they do everyday. As for me, the days I spent at the camp were great and it was fun thing to do after the hectic practicum period.

That’s the small part of what happened at the camp. But I am sure those attending the camp learned about Indian culture in a fun way.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Off for a few days

i will be off for a few days...going to help out at camp till Wednesday. It is a religious camp for secondary school students. It will hard for me to go online there. So i hope i will be back with good stories or posts when i am back. till then, take care

Pet sister

On our way back from KL for our Raya break, we listened to a show from the radio. The show was called Flirty at 10 (FLY fm). We had a good laugh when a girl called and asked advice about going out with someone she likes. Apparently the guy was her PET BROTHER. Can you believe that? 3 of us in the car started laughing like mad men the moment we heard the word pet sister. It was a lame line that we used when were at school to approach a girl. It worked for some of us. We had no idea that guys are still using the same old trick. Come up with something better k, guys.

Anyway pet sister or not, we hope for the best for the caller and her new boy friend. The act of proposing over the radio is impressive for me.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

24th September

This was exactly how I looked at 12.10am on Wednesday. I have got to admit that my friends do have their own way of showing their friendship. But it was a great birthday….
Thanks to all the guys, teachers from Sri Aman (Mdm. Su, Mdm. Mageswary and the others) and sri aman students. Its been a pleasure knowing all of you.


Just some random pictures from my past to share with everyone...Do not worry nobody was hurt during this shot.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Time really flies...i have one more week in Sri Aman and then i will be gone...
I am having a mixed feeling bout this. I have to make use of the last week to have some good memories with my students.

Thanks 4 SB

Last Friday, I had a great class with 4SB. We were doing the short story ‘Looking for the Rain God.’ It’s an interesting story where people killed 2 innocent girls (Neo and Boseyong) because they were desperate.

So I played the narration of the short story for 4SB ladies. They were listening to me patiently. I guess having 2 lecturers observing did some trick there.
Anyway towards the end of the lesson, I asked them to come up with a role play for the short story.

Following was their tasks:

Role-play a police interrogation scene based on this story. The scene must include

2 police officers

Come up with your lines for the scenes and use the points below to help you:

Ramadi: What you first felt at the thought of sacrificing the girls
Tiro: Why you agreed to the sacrifice
All characters: How you feel after the act of killing the two girls
What/how you feel now

4SB ladies took some time with this activity. But they did an awesome job.

Special praise goes to

Farah- you were so natural with your part. I mean not many people can act as well as you as a not so straight mom. Congrats for being yourself.

Fiofa- Your name just came up in my mind. Thanks for constantly reminding the other ladies to be in control.

As for the rest of the ladies, it was a great day for me. I had lots of fun with all of you that day. THANKS

Ps. Su Wei, 4SB is different from other classes. I have got to admit that. And yes, I will be fair with my students. See you on Monday.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

4SE/SF The Introduction

I am having an interesting class for my practicum. 4 SE/SF, they are funny and interesting students. This is a brief intro of them.

The 3 Musketeers
Arinah, Nadirah and Wan Almas

The Fantastic Four (seriously they are…)
Sabrini, Michelle, Shu Shern, Irrina

The ever reliant Back Benchers
Ameerah, Syazween, Nadia

The library girls
Zarifah and Shahirah

The Korean/Jap drama fans
Fahimah, Stephanie and Munirah

The Composed ones
Nooralina, Illiyin, Virginia

The sporty ones
Zawani and Azureen (cheerleader)

The Eccentric ones
Aishah, Zainad

The twins
Sangeeta and Tesveen

The nice KD

Unforgettable... VOLUME 1

During my time at Sri Aman, I have gone through some unforgettable events. I believe sharing them with others would not be bad idea.

1. I had a class at Access Room (Pusat Access) with my 4SE/SF. All of sudden, a prefect opened the room door and shrieked on the top of her lungs. I am not sure which one of us was more surprised at that moment. It only got better after that. The prefect ran away without closing the door or even without apology. I would have preferred the former cause it took some time to get the class back on task. I choose not to name her but on second thought I changed my mind.
“Riding my Porsche down the highway”
I will always remember her lines in the choral speaking competition held at Subang. You KNOW who you are.

2. It was my second observation by Madam Ann. I was having comprehension activity with my students. At that time, one of my students in the class had to share some news with the class. She showed the class’s dead pet (crab they caught at Cotton Island) to me. Not to forget, the dead crab stinks. What a moment. I just shook my head in disbelief and could feel Madam Ann glaring at me. Hahaha…

3. This was the latest incident. 3 girls from my 4SE/SF shared their present with me. It was from the treasure hunt activity I had for them. Munirah, Sabrini and Stepahniethank you ladies for your kind thoughts.

As for the unforgettable moments, they are to be continued. Just wait for them in the next episode.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

GIRLS (Lets not be sexist)

I received this from a friend and thought of sharing it with the others.








My comment:
This is an example of a bad joke. To the sender of this email, there are better ways to show your talent to the world.

Teachers as Entertainers

It is true.....teachers now days act more than just teachers. It was hard to believe it but after going through it myself I had to believe it. Teachers now days have to be entertainers in the classroom. This is especially true for the secondary school students. In those days, when I was still in secondary school, it was students’ responsibility to stay focussed in the classroom. However the trend seems to have changed these days. I experienced this during my teaching practicum. There are times when I become an entertainer in the classroom rather than an educator in the classroom. The end result was pretty obvious. The students were involved but the learning part did not happen. When I was just an educator, my students were passive and participated less in the classroom. I was not able check whether my learning objectives were achieved. Both situations left me frustrated and disappointed with my students. However, I did realize the need to be a balanced person. All work and no play make jack a dull boy. I agree with that. Perhaps things will change in the future. But for now, I better learn to be a balanced entertainer and educator.

Monday, September 1, 2008

First time....

After much persuasion from my helpful sisters (friendly Mdm. Sibly and Pn Chris... I am sure you guys are excited with this blog) at Sri Aman, i have decided to start blogging myself.
Blogging has never been something i wanted to try. But i guess i will give it a try. There is always a first time for every thing rite...
I guess this blog will be a great place for me to share my experiences as a teacher trainee in a all girls school...i think this should be enough for first post. I am looking forward to write new things but got to wait until i finish my lesson plan first.