Friday, September 26, 2008

Off for a few days

i will be off for a few days...going to help out at camp till Wednesday. It is a religious camp for secondary school students. It will hard for me to go online there. So i hope i will be back with good stories or posts when i am back. till then, take care

Pet sister

On our way back from KL for our Raya break, we listened to a show from the radio. The show was called Flirty at 10 (FLY fm). We had a good laugh when a girl called and asked advice about going out with someone she likes. Apparently the guy was her PET BROTHER. Can you believe that? 3 of us in the car started laughing like mad men the moment we heard the word pet sister. It was a lame line that we used when were at school to approach a girl. It worked for some of us. We had no idea that guys are still using the same old trick. Come up with something better k, guys.

Anyway pet sister or not, we hope for the best for the caller and her new boy friend. The act of proposing over the radio is impressive for me.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

24th September

This was exactly how I looked at 12.10am on Wednesday. I have got to admit that my friends do have their own way of showing their friendship. But it was a great birthday….
Thanks to all the guys, teachers from Sri Aman (Mdm. Su, Mdm. Mageswary and the others) and sri aman students. Its been a pleasure knowing all of you.


Just some random pictures from my past to share with everyone...Do not worry nobody was hurt during this shot.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Time really flies...i have one more week in Sri Aman and then i will be gone...
I am having a mixed feeling bout this. I have to make use of the last week to have some good memories with my students.

Thanks 4 SB

Last Friday, I had a great class with 4SB. We were doing the short story ‘Looking for the Rain God.’ It’s an interesting story where people killed 2 innocent girls (Neo and Boseyong) because they were desperate.

So I played the narration of the short story for 4SB ladies. They were listening to me patiently. I guess having 2 lecturers observing did some trick there.
Anyway towards the end of the lesson, I asked them to come up with a role play for the short story.

Following was their tasks:

Role-play a police interrogation scene based on this story. The scene must include

2 police officers

Come up with your lines for the scenes and use the points below to help you:

Ramadi: What you first felt at the thought of sacrificing the girls
Tiro: Why you agreed to the sacrifice
All characters: How you feel after the act of killing the two girls
What/how you feel now

4SB ladies took some time with this activity. But they did an awesome job.

Special praise goes to

Farah- you were so natural with your part. I mean not many people can act as well as you as a not so straight mom. Congrats for being yourself.

Fiofa- Your name just came up in my mind. Thanks for constantly reminding the other ladies to be in control.

As for the rest of the ladies, it was a great day for me. I had lots of fun with all of you that day. THANKS

Ps. Su Wei, 4SB is different from other classes. I have got to admit that. And yes, I will be fair with my students. See you on Monday.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

4SE/SF The Introduction

I am having an interesting class for my practicum. 4 SE/SF, they are funny and interesting students. This is a brief intro of them.

The 3 Musketeers
Arinah, Nadirah and Wan Almas

The Fantastic Four (seriously they are…)
Sabrini, Michelle, Shu Shern, Irrina

The ever reliant Back Benchers
Ameerah, Syazween, Nadia

The library girls
Zarifah and Shahirah

The Korean/Jap drama fans
Fahimah, Stephanie and Munirah

The Composed ones
Nooralina, Illiyin, Virginia

The sporty ones
Zawani and Azureen (cheerleader)

The Eccentric ones
Aishah, Zainad

The twins
Sangeeta and Tesveen

The nice KD

Unforgettable... VOLUME 1

During my time at Sri Aman, I have gone through some unforgettable events. I believe sharing them with others would not be bad idea.

1. I had a class at Access Room (Pusat Access) with my 4SE/SF. All of sudden, a prefect opened the room door and shrieked on the top of her lungs. I am not sure which one of us was more surprised at that moment. It only got better after that. The prefect ran away without closing the door or even without apology. I would have preferred the former cause it took some time to get the class back on task. I choose not to name her but on second thought I changed my mind.
“Riding my Porsche down the highway”
I will always remember her lines in the choral speaking competition held at Subang. You KNOW who you are.

2. It was my second observation by Madam Ann. I was having comprehension activity with my students. At that time, one of my students in the class had to share some news with the class. She showed the class’s dead pet (crab they caught at Cotton Island) to me. Not to forget, the dead crab stinks. What a moment. I just shook my head in disbelief and could feel Madam Ann glaring at me. Hahaha…

3. This was the latest incident. 3 girls from my 4SE/SF shared their present with me. It was from the treasure hunt activity I had for them. Munirah, Sabrini and Stepahniethank you ladies for your kind thoughts.

As for the unforgettable moments, they are to be continued. Just wait for them in the next episode.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

GIRLS (Lets not be sexist)

I received this from a friend and thought of sharing it with the others.








My comment:
This is an example of a bad joke. To the sender of this email, there are better ways to show your talent to the world.

Teachers as Entertainers

It is true.....teachers now days act more than just teachers. It was hard to believe it but after going through it myself I had to believe it. Teachers now days have to be entertainers in the classroom. This is especially true for the secondary school students. In those days, when I was still in secondary school, it was students’ responsibility to stay focussed in the classroom. However the trend seems to have changed these days. I experienced this during my teaching practicum. There are times when I become an entertainer in the classroom rather than an educator in the classroom. The end result was pretty obvious. The students were involved but the learning part did not happen. When I was just an educator, my students were passive and participated less in the classroom. I was not able check whether my learning objectives were achieved. Both situations left me frustrated and disappointed with my students. However, I did realize the need to be a balanced person. All work and no play make jack a dull boy. I agree with that. Perhaps things will change in the future. But for now, I better learn to be a balanced entertainer and educator.

Monday, September 1, 2008

First time....

After much persuasion from my helpful sisters (friendly Mdm. Sibly and Pn Chris... I am sure you guys are excited with this blog) at Sri Aman, i have decided to start blogging myself.
Blogging has never been something i wanted to try. But i guess i will give it a try. There is always a first time for every thing rite...
I guess this blog will be a great place for me to share my experiences as a teacher trainee in a all girls school...i think this should be enough for first post. I am looking forward to write new things but got to wait until i finish my lesson plan first.