Friday, November 14, 2008



It was a beautiful fall
when different colours of the leaves
found the tiny spots of my heart
when you came into my life
you found the moon of my heart

but it is winter now
when snows found its way onto the street
when coldness found its way into my heart
for you that are not here with me
for you that have not talk to me
for you that have not share with me
for you that i miss so dearly
the winter is just so much colder to me

i do not know what time of the year is it now
for i have lost
my sense of time
my sense of heart
my sense of life
for i have lost you

i miss you

(Thanks to Seng Chee for helping me with the poem)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

one liners....

I was the best man at the wedding. If I’m the best man, why is she marrying him?

Monday, November 10, 2008


i did not expect the week to be this hard. Last one week, i have been too busy to update my blog. Sorry for that guys

I was away at Kelantan, attending the BTN (biro tatanegara, Under Prime minister's department). Just got back after spending 5 days close with the nature.

The best part was my ride back from Kelantan. The journey was suppose to take 8 hours. However the driver took less than 7 hours to reach KL. It was like having Lewis Hamilton driving the bus swerving in and out of traffic with high speed. A poor old lady almost fell from her bike thanks to our fast and furious driver. The uncle seems like an experienced driver but i was holding on to my seat (literally) throughout the journey. It was a relief to be back in one piece. Before I left the bus, i thanked the driver for bringing us back safely but did make it a point to tell him bout the speeding. 100KM/H in a 60 KM/H.....Now i know why people prefer to fly nowadays.

Anyway will write bout the BTN camp in detail in the next post....I am just too tired to write bout it now.