Tuesday, February 24, 2009

of valentines, love and engagement...

I am Engaged...........NOT.....
One of my good friends just got engaged recently. I would like to take the chance to wish him all the best...
remember...its the next step to take in your life...
as for me.......
things are better as it is now.

Friday, February 13, 2009


I had a call from a stranger recently...I received the call around 6.50 in the morning....6.50...K (i didnt get my sleep recently because of sports practice and pre-sports day events. Had to be in the school morning and evening.)

The person referred herself as priya and wanted to know me. I was more interested in sleeping at the moment and replied "huh"...then the same person wanted to be my adopted sister...SISTER... my reply was the same..."huh"... She wanted to know things about me...to which i replied "why?" Apparently...She didnt need reasons for these things.

My reply was "I want to sleep. BYE"

Hectic Life

Life as a teacher has really been hectic. I used to think that teacher’s job is just about teaching. Clearly I was wrong. I have been appointed as classroom teacher. I have to finish a lot tasks as a class teacher. TOV, ETR and other paper works have been my main concern. I do appreciate the time given by the administrators to do these tasks.

By the way, teaching literature has been a tough job for me. I have been using the pictures from “Baby Step” Book to help my teaching. But the students are too used to being fed with information. I do my best to make sure that my students are learning something in the classroom. As for comprehension part, I am teaching the students how to form questions. It is the basic that they should have learned in the primary school. The toughest part is making sure all the 35-39 are doing their work. This is because some students are just refusing to do anything but chit chatting at school.
It is really frustrating because I want to help students who are willing to learn rather than spending time on those who are not interested in learning. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAH…….For now I am being cool about it. Perhaps I should wait until first exam to be over before I know my students real ability.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Chinese New Year is gone....Just few days and it is gone...

Thanks to Tam's parents for the angpow...hehehe
Not to forget, i was acknowledged and was given a can of Carlsberg instead Shandy...
I feel old at the moment!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Jam

My friend and I decided to drive back for the CNY break.
So we started our journey at 10pm something from JB.
And it took us almost 1 and half hours to reach Machap....
We were traveling at 40 km per hour....and thats in the FAST LANE.
Not to forget Malaysians and Singaporeans with our usual driving antics. Nas and me had a
quite a night grumbling bout Malaysians and our driving ethics.....
hahaha...Anyway i am back home. ALIVE, Thats what matters

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Our Education System

The recent incident in my school involving the form 1 student had left me wondering...

Our education system....is it still being effective?
Perhaps our children are being pampered and protected in the name of rights?
They always get away after doing things...hmm i am sure that not all the school children behave in this way. I was just wondering that somewhere something is wrong with our educ system.

On the other hand we have some really good students being produced from the same system...
(I am talking bout Sri Aman girls for example)...

Well may be it is too early for me to make a judgment bout this.....but people, hearing you opinion on this would be great k....

Naughty...not loti

The following was the conversation i had with a student in my class.

Prior to the conversation this 14 or 15 year old male guy was chatting loud in mandarin.

Guna : Liong...can you pay attention to the front? ( with hand signals of course)
Liong: HAAAH!!!
G: You! Turn NOW...
L: Ok..
G: You are naughty Liong...

L: Loti?? U makan punya??

G: NO NO....Naughty means nakal....

L: I know loti leh...sangat sedap...
G: very good. Now stop talking. (again with signal language)

He was quiet for 15 minutes after that, enough for me to finish teaching and give them task with "WH" questions.


One of the teachers in my school was punched; by a form 1 student.
Gosh....i miss my sri aman students. At least they would not punch you straight in the face.
Anyway, i am teaching 3 English Classes (form 2) and 3 moral classes (form 3).
And the students are too used to chalk and talk method that they are too dependent on notes from teachers. Tried to stir them to think but all i get was students chattering in mandarin.

It is challenging to teach here
. But this is just the beginning.

Back Again

After taking sometime off from updating my blog, I have decided to continue writing. I was having writer’s block and had no idea of what to update during the holiday.
But now, I have started as a teacher at S+M+K U+L+U T+IRAM. I have a lot of things to write bout now. (Just take the + sign off to know the full name, In case you don’t get it)

I joined this school on Monday. Here are few facts about this school

Has around 2000 students. There are 2 sessions at this school.
The school looks worn out from the outside
Its not ‘ulu’ as its name sounds. Just 5 minutes from the Ulu Tiram town. And the town is 30 minutes from JB (if the traffic is clear).
Has Malay, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian and Cambodian kids (MALAYSIA truly ASIA that’s for sure now).
It is running wild. (teachers are trying to survive day by day)

Most probably I will be teaching at English for lower forms. I am looking forward to teach at this school. Before I forget, there are 6 other new teachers at this school besides me. Every one is from Johor. And almost all of them is more than motivated to start teaching here. I am just taking it slow. It will take some time for me to settle down here.

Anyway that’s all for now. I will be updating other things from this school and my life as new teacher here. Just wait and see all rite…take care