Friday, February 13, 2009

Hectic Life

Life as a teacher has really been hectic. I used to think that teacher’s job is just about teaching. Clearly I was wrong. I have been appointed as classroom teacher. I have to finish a lot tasks as a class teacher. TOV, ETR and other paper works have been my main concern. I do appreciate the time given by the administrators to do these tasks.

By the way, teaching literature has been a tough job for me. I have been using the pictures from “Baby Step” Book to help my teaching. But the students are too used to being fed with information. I do my best to make sure that my students are learning something in the classroom. As for comprehension part, I am teaching the students how to form questions. It is the basic that they should have learned in the primary school. The toughest part is making sure all the 35-39 are doing their work. This is because some students are just refusing to do anything but chit chatting at school.
It is really frustrating because I want to help students who are willing to learn rather than spending time on those who are not interested in learning. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAH…….For now I am being cool about it. Perhaps I should wait until first exam to be over before I know my students real ability.

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